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Evaluate your regular expressions by testing them against a sample text to determine whether they work properly or not, before including them in the source code

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Kiki is a lightweight utility that can prove useful to anyone who wants to work with regular expressions in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

Regular expressions are widely used in programming, ensuring compatibility with some of the most popular programming languages, such as Perl, Ruby, Tcl, Java, Python and .NET-based ones. They are a practical method to save the time required in order to find specific text pieces inside a file, as long as they match a specific pattern.

Test your regular expressions

An application such as Kiki can give you a helping hand in determining whether your regular expression works as it should by testing it against a sample text, before inserting it into the final source code. Practically, it works as a tool for testing the validity of a regex.

Its interface is simple, which makes it very easy to handle, even by beginners. Your only task is to enter the syntax of the regular expression in the designated field, enter the sample text and press the 'Evaluate' button. Kiki analyzes the text and uses the input regex to identify matching text pieces, highlighting them and assigning numbers to detected subgroups.

Search filtering options

There are a few filters that you can apply. For instance, Kiki can be instructed to perform case-insensitive searching and consider the '.' special character a match for any character, including a new line. You can also configure it to take into consideration Unicode characters and the currently used language on your system.

The application supports verbosing, which means that white spaces and other characters inside the expressions are ignored, in order to make it more compact, but without altering its functionality.

Reliable regex testing tool

Kiki works as a regular expression testing tool, enabling you to easily evaluate the efficiency and validity of a regex. Its simplistic approach enables those who are not familiar with regular expressions to get a better understanding of the syntax structure.

Kiki was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on March 11th, 2014
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