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An incredible, useful and effective Excel add-in collection that helps you to quickly remove blank cells and merge multiple tables

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KuTools for Excel is an add-in composed of a vast array of tools that can streamline your workflow, easing the management of workbooks and Excel content, in general.

Although Excel is a very rich and complex platform, some operations often become tedious, repetitive, and above all, time consuming. If you need a tool that can simplify daily tasks, KuTools is a decent alternative.

It comes in the form of an add-in, which means it will create a complementary set of tabs inside Excel (two to be exact), where all of its features become available as soon as you open a workbook.

While the first tab encases general tools that target common tasks, the second one is entitled suggestively Enterprise and is aimed at completing more advanced operations.

The two incorporate more than one hundred options that cover formatting, range management, content conversion, workbook manipulation, data importing and exporting, as well as cell encryption.

If we were to name the most important ones, we’d have to mention the range converter that can adjust cell sizes and transpose table dimensions, the text tools that encase features for case modification and removing spaces / characters, as well as the collection of worksheet handlers that can synchronize data and delete hidden sheets.

Furthermore, you can protect a worksheet with a custom password, as well as to encrypt cells individually, while the Super Filter feature allows users to extract data following strict patterns.

Overall, KuTools for Excel comes across as a valuable asset that can significantly reduce your efforts throughout Excel projects. The feature set is overwhelming, but in the good way.

Kutools for Excel was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on August 24th, 2015
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