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A fast and simple application that allows you to view large text files of more than 1GB and it opens files that are currently being written by other programs

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Large Text File Viewer is an application designed to open large text documents with sizes that exceed 1GB.

Although opening such a document usually needs a lot of time and hardware resources, Large Text File Viewer promises to do everything faster and without stressing up the computer too much.

And truth is, it pretty much manages to do this, although the interface may disappoint some of the users.

With a clean but a way too simple look, Large Text File Viewer shows the content of a text document, while performing file indexing in the background to make sure you can browse the content without any interruption.

In addition, it provides an advanced search utility that works like a charm on larger documents, despite the fact that most applications usually need much more time to perform such a task.

A settings menu is also available, allowing you to change the default font, style and size, but also the colors of the main window. For a bit more tweaking power, Large Text File Viewer also offers a dedicated feature to change the background image and thus make the interface more user friendly.

With drag and drop also supported, Large Text File Viewer indeed runs blazing fast, without hampering system performance at all. It all goes very smooth on all Windows versions.

Overall, Large Text File Viewer is clearly a handy tool that manages large documents in an unique way. Still, it needs some improvements, especially in the interface department, as users always prefer more appealing layouts with eye-candy elements.

Large Text File Viewer was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 28th, 2012
Large Text File Viewer - Large Text File Viewer was designed to help you open large text files of more than 1GB.Large Text File Viewer - From the Options window, you can easily change the font, size, style, colors and background image.

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