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A simple and user-friendly Microsoft office addin that enables you to type using Tampil, Sinhala or Devanagari characters from your keyboard

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Liyana Mahaththaya Office is a reliable and efficient piece of software which comprises three different addins for Microsoft Office, enabling you to type using special characters from your numeric keys.

After the installation procedure, the utility displays three shortcuts on your desktop, each meant to activate its functions in the ribbons of PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook respectively.

All you need to do is double click them, and you will have access to Tamil, Sinhala and Devanagari scripts from the ribbon of these Microsoft Office components, so you can use them whenever you need.

Liyana Mahaththaya Office features three 'Display The Chocolate' buttons for the available scripts, displaying a virtual keyboard when clicked and allowing you to reconfigure your numeric keys.

'The Chocolate' is in fact a small window which features the dynamic mapping of your numeric keyboard, enabling you to easily visualize and use it.

This way, you can quickly type the preferred characters, then copy them to clipboard and paste them in the window you are working in. You can create lengthy strings of text before actually copying and transferring them to the application you are working with, be it Outlook, PowerPoint or Excel.

This simple Microsoft Office addin allows the speakers of Tamil, Sinhala or Devanagari to easily type in their own language and using the proper characters, without having to resort to Unicode, thus being able to work with your favorite Office tools unrestricted.

To conclude, Liyana Mahaththaya Office is a set of Microsoft Office addins that are meant to assist Tail, Sinhala or Devanagari speakers in writing with their corresponding language characters more easily, saving them valuable time and effort in the process.

Liyana Mahaththaya Office was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 12th, 2014
Liyana Mahaththaya Office - Liyana Mahaththaya Office is a Microsoft Office addin which aims to provide you with an easy means of writing Tamil or SinhalaLiyana Mahaththaya Office - The utility can integrate into the ribbon of PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook, allowing you to quickly access itLiyana Mahaththaya Office - The buttons allow you to display the virtual keyboard that turns your numeric keys into special characters

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