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A reliable and easy to use application that enables you to convert e-book files from the MOBI format to EPUB, in a few simple steps

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MOBI to EPUB is a simple to use application designed to help you convert e-book files from one format to another, in order to render them on compatible devices. EPUB is an open standard e-book format that is supported by multiple devices, including smart phones, iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Facile file converter

The software is easy to use and requires only that you load the input file, then select the path and name of the output document. The conversion is done instantly with no loss of quality or data. MOBI to EPUB is able to extract text and images from MOBI files, that reconstruct the contents and save them to EPUB format.

The EPUB type is an open standard format, supported by most portable devices, including mobile phones, iPods, iPhones or iPads. While both MOBI and EPUB are widely spread and popular formats for e-books, the latter is more permissive and offers several extra formatting tools.

Create and add metadata

While processing the input file, the software can also extract its metadata and add it to the resulting document. Information such as name of the creator and publisher, date of creation and owner of copyrights can be loaded from the input file or manually inserted.

Moreover, the software can create a table of contents and arrange it by title tags or by file name. You may also specify the language of the text, the file title and add a short description. Otherwise, if metadata is non existent and you cannot acquire the desired information, you can disable the file’s metadata.

Easy to use e-book converter

MOBI to EPUB is a lightweight tool that enables you to extract information from MOBI files, then accurately copy it into an EPUB format document. The operation is designed to allow you to render the e-book on multiple handheld devices that do not support MOBI, as well as to modify the contents of the document. The EPUB file type permits you to format the text, using several specific tools.

MOBI to EPUB was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 4th, 2014
MOBI to EPUB - MOBI to EPUB is a simple to use application that enables you to convert MOBI format files to EPUB in a few steps.