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A lightweight and intuitive application that can help you convert PDF files to Excel format, inserting a line or a paragraph into each cell

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MST PDF To Excel Converter is an user-friendly and reliable software solution created to assist you in grabbing the information from PDF documents and saving it to Excel format, with a limited amount of effort for you.

Simple yet appealing interface

Subsequent to a rather uneventful installation, you can launch the program and start working with it immediately, as its approachable and easy to handle interface makes up for any lack of prior experience you might have.

The main window displays the PDF's written contents, organizing it into cells in the lower panel, while on the left-side, you can preview the various pages of your file, being able to click on the one that you wish to process or simply browse through them.

Effortlessly load the source PDFs and quickly convert them to XLS files

For starters, you will need to load the targeted file into MST PDF To Excel Converter. In general, the application is aimed at price, product or customer lists, inventories, contacts lists or other types of files where information is organized into columns and rows. However, it functions just as well with regular written documents.

After adding the PDF, you can use the ‘Auto Grid’ function to integrate each line or paragraph into a cell, adjusting the table until it fits with the layout of your data. You can create new rows and columns or you can merge the ones that form a single unit of data.

Before exporting the file to XLS, you can use the preview feature offered by MST PDF To Excel Converter, that enables you to see if the structure of each sheet of the output file meets your requirements or if it needs further adjustments.

When complete, you can press ‘Export’ and your file will automatically be generated, allowing you to select the name and save path. At the same time, the utility is able to convert the data in your PDFs to HTML, DOC, TXT, BMP or CSV formats.

A useful tool for obtaining XLS files out of PDFs

In short, MST PDF To Excel Converter is an effective and easy to understand application that aims to help you successfully extract the data from PDFs and save it to editable XLS files, letting you automatically or manually arrange it into neatly organized cells.

MST PDF To Excel Converter was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on September 1st, 2014
MST PDF To Excel Converter - The main window of MST PDF To Excel Converter allows you to open the PDF file that you want to work withMST PDF To Excel Converter - The Preview window enables you to see the grids that will be created in the output XLS fileMST PDF To Excel Converter - From the File menu, you can select the preferred export option, including not only Excel, but also HTML or TXT

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