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A software utility that enables you conduct personal investigations and establish relationships and links between various case elements

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Investigations, regardless of their type and objective, require you to gather massive amounts of information, as well as create connections between the elements in order to reach a conclusion. Thus, it can be difficult to keep track of all this data without the help of a specialized software solution.

Create events and relationships between them

Maltego CaseFile Community is an application that enables you to take control of your investigations, by providing you with a versatile environment that can be used to create and store events, locations and information about people, which can then be easily linked together to establish patterns. In addition, the entire procedure is presented in a graphical and intuitive form, with easy-to-grasp concepts and simple controls.

To start off an investigation, you first have to add the elements that are part of your case, such as events, groups or locations, as well as many other types of customizable objects. Each kind of element has its own properties, which can be edited and modified to fit your requirements. Moreover, each item is represented through an icon or a picture and you can even attach external documents to them.

Create new entities from scratch

In case you are not satisfied with the provided options when it comes to the available entity types, the application allows you to create your own. Thus, you can customize everything from the display name, to a short description and the representative image used to recognize it by. Additionally, you can add a new main property to define them by, as well as integrate them into a specific category.

In the end, the entire schema can be arranged according to your preferences, in order to make it easier to follow and to create more intuitive connections. Among the arrangement options, you can find the hierarchical, circular and organic representations, each one of which affects the entire information base. Moreover, each item can be separately aligned to the rest of the schema and you can select multiple entities at the same time.

A complete investigation tool

Thanks to the wide array of options and the extensive freedom you are offered, Maltego CaseFile Community provides you everything you might need in order to conduct your investigations, as well as many ways to connect and create links between the elements that are part of the case.

Maltego CaseFile Community was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 25th, 2014
Maltego CaseFile Community - You can and add connections to the overall schema into the main window of the application.Maltego CaseFile Community - The Manage tab allows you to define a new entity type and export already existing ones.Maltego CaseFile Community - You can choose the relationship type and adjust the alignment from the Organize tab.Maltego CaseFile Community - screenshot #4