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A small yet effective utility that will make it possible for anyone to easily print World maps or maps of the United States in many sizes

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School or family activities often involve traveling across the country or in places that are more or less familiar to children or adults that go on those trips. During these journeys we might need to look at a map in order to find a specific place or to check out our current location.

Since there are are numerous maps available online, it's only a mater of choice and immediate necessity when it comes to deciding which one to print and take on the trip. For those looking for large scale maps which they need to impress on paper, a utility like Mega Maps might do the trick.

Unattractive yet very easy to use GUI

The looks are definitely against this utility as it doesn't sport any kind of adornment and the deep blue color of the main window might make some users look away and seek for an alternative as soon as they start the application.

Nonetheless, the commands are clear-cut and the options offered by Mega Maps are also neatly represented, so even the most less experienced users can get along just fine with it.

Select the desired map and its size, then print it on the spot

Using this software solution is really a breeze because only a couple of clicks are sufficient to end-up with a huge map coming out of a regular printer. In order to obtain impressively large maps users have to select a large number of sheets and a division of the map that best suits their needs.

Mega Maps is able to output one page maps, but it can also print 8x8, 64 sheet maps that will provide a really detailed overview of the selected area. Unfortunately, there are only 3 maps included in the package and others cannot be added.

A simple tool made for printing supersized maps

On the whole, this application seems to have a rather limited applicability, especially since the maps it provides have no details other than the limits of the continents, for the world map, or those of the U.S. states and territories, while the only true advantage of Mega maps is the ease of use.

Mega Maps was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on May 20th, 2014
Mega Maps - The main window of Mega Maps will allow you to select the map you want to print.

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