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Includes Outlook Hotmail Connector and Social Connector Provider in order to help you attach the Hotmail account to Outlook, synching your calendar and contacts at the same time, as well as connect with your Hotmail contacts

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Outlook Connector Pack creates the liaison between Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Hotmail and Messenger services.

You may have tried to add your Hotmail account to Outlook and the only way to do it properly requires this particular application. The program consists of Outlook Hotmail Connector and Social Connector Provider.

Utilities included in the installation package

Installing this software requires that you run the Windows Live Essentials package, select the `Choose the programs you want to install` option and then just tick the Outlook Connector Pack feature. If you don't have the Live Messenger on your system by this point in time, then you should install it too in order to take advantage of the full set of benefits this pack brings.

Attach the Hotmail account to Outlook

As soon as you deploy the pack to your system, you are able to attach the Hotmail account to Outlook, synching your calendar and contacts at the same time. Furthermore, you get to use all the powerful features of Outlook and organize the e-mails just the way you see fit. You can use your safe and block lists as well as your rules for all of the e-mail traffic.

Connect with your Hotmail contacts and get info about them from social networks

The Hotmail Connector module of the application also helps you connect with your Hotmail contacts quickly and easily and even send them instant messages via Live Messenger within two clicks. You can also reply with an IM to e-mails. Calendar management is way much better within Outlook as you can rapidly view your tasks and flagged messages, customize your appointments and everything is synched in real-time.

The status of your connection to your Live Hotmail account sits at the bottom of your Outlook window so you can promptly check it whenever you perform an important task that involves the Outlook Connector Pack being put to work. Moreover, the Outlook Social Connector obtains detailed information and even contact pictures from various social networks such as LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, Xing and, of course, Windows Live Messenger.

An essential deployment package

Bottom line is that Outlook Connector Pack is a must for those of you that have Microsoft's Outlook set as the default e-mail client on the computer and want to attach Windows Live Hotmail accounts to it. This application provides the means for your Outlook and Live Messenger installations to interact, thus creating a smoother experience and less hassle when working or just writing e-mails to friends.

Outlook Connector Pack was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on July 16th, 2014
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