Microsoft Organization Chart 2.0

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Quickly and easily generate appealing organizational charts in Office 2003 with the help of this easy to use and simple software package

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Microsoft Organization Chart 2.0 is a tool dedicated to run alongside Office 2003 in order to facilitate the creation of organizational charts. Alternatively, you can also do this using the built-in function found in Office 2003 applications.

Microsoft Organization Chart 2.0 is only available as a standalone program for Office 2003 users, since more recent editions of the Office suite bundle it as an addin. It integrates with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel, allowing you to quickly generate a compelling representation of an organization's structure.

Once the application is installed on your computer, creating a chart is a matter of a few clicks. In order to insert an organizational chart into your document, you must navigate to the 'Insert' menu and click on 'Object', then select the designated item in the popup window.

Microsoft Organization Chart 2.0 enables you to create various types of organizational charts with multiple levels, automatically representing subordinate, assistant, co-management and other types of relationships between elements, conveniently organizing company branches and grouping items together.

There are various customization options that allow you to modify the appearance of the boxes, add them shadow effects, change the line style and thickness and experiment with colors to create a palette that fits the overall document look.

Organizational charts are difficult to create manually using geometrical figures and lines. Office 2003 integrates functionality dedicated to this purpose and users are advised to use the native function, rather than Microsoft Organization Chart 2.0. Even so, those who want to jump from Office 2000 or prior editions to Office 2003 might want to stick to it, since those earlier versions do not come with this feature.

Microsoft Organization Chart 2.0 was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on January 31st, 2014

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