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An application that enables you to gather and organize information in the form of mind maps, as well as conduct brainstorming sessions

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It can be hard to keep track of large amounts of information, especially if you also need to properly organize and concentrate it into an easier-to-follow knowledge base. In addition, data is much easier to grasp and understand if it is represented visually, using graphs and branch-based schemas.

Create and organize visual mind maps

MindMapper Arena is an application that enables you to easily create complex mind maps containing massive amounts of information, using clip art and custom shapes to depict branches and central ideas. The utility comes with a wide variety of layouts, templates and styles you can use to represent data. All of these can be employed to create various type of projects, such as class schedules, weekly plans or purchase strategies.

In order to come up with ideas for your projects, or to train the cognitive abilities of your students, you can use one of the included strategies, such as radiant association, backward reasoning or forced connection. These employ various techniques to come up with original thoughts and ideas, in order to solve a specific problem.

Schedule your projects and create presentations

To make sure that you are on track with the project, you can insert goals and deadlines using the built-in scheduler tool. Here you can also monitor the progress of the entire presentation and check on the state of the proposed achievements. The entire schedule can be packed and sent directly Microsoft Outlook, in order to share it with the other participants.

Furthermore, MindMapper Arena enables you to create PowerPoint presentations from the projects, in order to make them portable and accessible outside the application as well. In addition, you can also export it as an Excel spreadsheet or a chart, or even as simple PNG, JPG or BMP images.

In conclusion

MindMapper Arena delivers a comprehensive amount of features and capabilities, all which are designed to help you manage your information and come up with new ideas or strategies. It can be used in schools, company meetings or casual brainstorming sessions and it comes with a familiar tab-based interface that is intuitive and easy-to-use for anyone.

MindMapper Arena was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 31st, 2014
MindMapper Arena - You can decorate your text with various clip art images in the main window of the application.MindMapper Arena - The Design tab enables you to select between a wide variety of layouts for your map.MindMapper Arena - You can access the brainstorming, backward reasoning and forced connection functions from the Ideation tab.MindMapper Arena - screenshot #4MindMapper Arena - screenshot #5MindMapper Arena - screenshot #6MindMapper Arena - screenshot #7MindMapper Arena - screenshot #8MindMapper Arena - screenshot #9MindMapper Arena - screenshot #10MindMapper Arena - screenshot #11MindMapper Arena - screenshot #12MindMapper Arena - screenshot #13MindMapper Arena - screenshot #14MindMapper Arena - screenshot #15

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