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An efficient and user-friendly application that enables you to view, edit and save STL format files with a minimal amount of effort

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MiniMagics is an effective and intuitive piece of software created to provide you with the ability of opening and working with STL format files, while also supporting MGX and MATAMX files.

Details about the installation

During the installation process there are no particular events to speak of, however, before finalizing the operation, you will need to request an activation key using your contact details, including your email address.

The generated file will need to be loaded into the dedicated window, before completing the process and allowing you to use MiniMagics.

Clean and intuitive appearance

The interface of MiniMagics is quite simple and easy to understand, making it quite handy even for those with less experience in using similar software.

The working window works in tabbed mode, enabling you to open several files simultaneously, while on its right edge, you can ‘View Pages’ (‘Multi-Section’, ‘Text’, ‘Drawing’, ‘Distance’) and ‘Part Pages’.

Import your file and start analyzing it

To begin, you will first need to load your file, then use the functions in the left-side toolbar or your right-click mouse button to flip, rotate and move the design, in order to analyze it from all possible perspectives. You can opt for a ‘Visualization’ type from the three available categories, namely ‘Shade and Wire’, ‘Bad Edges Visible’ and ‘Flipped Triangles Visible’.

The ‘Multi-Section’ tab enables you to focus on an active element and adjust its position as well as color. You can also ‘Clip’ it from several angles, like ‘Section On Part’ or ‘Hide Side Away From Origin’. The ‘Text’ section allows you to modify the font type and size, while from the ‘Drawing’ section, you can select the shape you wish to work with, the size of the brush and the color.

Handy STL and MGX viewer

To conclude, MiniMagics is a user-friendly and reliable application whose main purpose is to help you view STL or MGX project files in detail, down to the very last part, letting you to attach comments and other annotations.

MiniMagics was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 21st, 2014
MiniMagics - The main window of MiniMagics allows you to open the files that you want to work withMiniMagics - From the Multi-Section tab, you can choose which elements to emphasize for a better viewMiniMagics - The Text tab enables you to customize the font, width and height of the text you apply to the designMiniMagicsMiniMagicsMiniMagicsMiniMagicsMiniMagicsMiniMagicsMiniMagicsMiniMagicsMiniMagics

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