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Convert each page from your text documents to JPEG or TIFF files by relying on this lightweight utility that comes with multiple customization options

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Working with various document types can sometimes be a challenging activity since some files can only be accessed by specific applications, thus limiting their overall accessibility.

Although you can fulfill those dependencies, there is an easier way to browse your content. You can rely on third-party software, such as Raster Image Printer, that can help you view your documents by converting them to more accessible formats.

Comprehensive user interface

This application extends Windows' native printing capabilities by implementing additional functions. Therefore, you can process any printable document with this utility.

The newly implemented functions are quite intuitive. However, you might need to have medium PC operating skills to benefit from its functions entirely.

Numerous handy conversion functions

You can rely on this application to convert each page of any printable document to various formats, including JPEG, PDF, GIF, PNG or TIFF, thus allowing you to view them in a convenient way from a wider number of computers.

During the conversion process, you can adjust multiple parameters, such as document resolution, orientation, size, quality and security-related options. Additionally, it is possible to apply custom watermarks to your documents, to prevent others from redistributing your projects as their own.

PDF security features

If you opt for a PDF output file, it is possible to enable password protection by toggling this option from the corresponding section. You can use 40- or 128-bit encryption methods, according to your preference.

Additionally, you can set file permissions such as text copying, printing or commenting by toggling them from the list. This application also allows you to set passwords required when opening the document, changing it or for both situations.

In conclusion, Raster Image Printer can help you increase the overall accessibility of your printable documents by allowing you to convert them to various formats. Note that you need to meet certain PC knowledge requirements to use this program to its full extent.

Raster Image Printer was reviewed by Vlad Constantinescu
Last updated on October 7th, 2015
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