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A simple and easy to use application whose main purpose is to help you replace multiple words at the same time from a source text

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MultiReplace is a lightweight and user-friendly piece of software which aims to offer you the simplest means of replacing numerous words simultaneously in a text, sparing you from a lot of effort in the process.

Portable tool advantages

The utility's installation is not required, meaning you can work with it immediately after download, just by double-clicking the EXE file.

This evidently translates into no registry entries on your system, so you can get rid of it just by deleting the file. Additionally, it can be stored and run from a USB stick or other portable memory devices, on any compatible PC, either at home or at the office.

Straight-forward interface

The main window of MultiReplace is quite straight-forward and easy to understand. It features two main tabs, namely 'Text' and 'Replacement', the former allowing you to input the source contents while the latter enables you to type in the initial and the final word, which you want to replace.

At the same time, it features two buttons, namely 'Empty Dictionary', which refers to the items you entered in the 'Replacement' tab, and 'Empty Document' for the text you want to work with.

Search and replace

MultiReplace can work successfully with symbols or special characters, provided that you type the item that you want replaced exactly as it is in the source document.

You can input as many 'search-replace' duos as you need, either in lines or in columns, then press the assigned button to operate the change, which will happen almost automatically, enabling you to copy the modified text to clipboard and paste it in another window or application.

Simple, but handy program

All in all, MultiReplace is a useful, albeit fairly limited utility that shows promise fur future development, as it can assist you in quickly changing several words in a text in just a few button presses, allowing you to further work with the newly created contents.

MultiReplace was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 21st, 2014
MultiReplace - The main window of MultiReplace allows you to input the text that you want to work withMultiReplace - In the Replacement tab, you can enter the initial words or symbols followed by the items you want to replace them with

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