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A useful application that was designed to convert your handwriting to readable text, while offering the possibility to solve mathematical equations using the calculator

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Writing is nowadays done more efficiently and fast with the help of the computer and keyboard. However, touchscreen technology has brought about more methods of character input. A suitable example is MyScript Stylus, a lightweight application that transforms gibberish handwriting into characters anyone can understand.

Suitable for a multitude of devices

The application is available for a large variety of devices, mostly that are touch-sensitive. However, it is also able to run on Windows, with touchscreen technology not being a requirement. You can simply use your mouse pointer to write down characters, and even though it is time-consuming and not too efficient, it's fun and worth a try at least for testing purposes.

Several text input methods

There are four input methods available, each one dedicated to making a specific type of text requirement easier. The basic one is the writing pad, representing a blank area where you can draw characters in the hope that the application converts scribbles into readable text.

Moreover, for accurate writing you can switch to a character pad. The reason why accuracy is increased is because each character is placed in a box and comes in handy when typing web addresses or passwords.

What's more, a virtual keyboard is also included in case you don't want to draw characters. It's purpose and functionality is self explanatory, being split into a standard layout that contains a basic keyboard arrangement, as well as a math layout fitted with numbers and special characters.

Thorough math expressions recognition

What further increases the application's functionality is the calculator. This takes mathematical expression writing on a computer to a whole new level, because you only need to write down as you learned in school, the application being able to recognize formulas and suggesting expressions.

The application's recognition feature is not to be neglected, with poorly-drawn characters still ending up in the right format. A decent variety of recognizable languages are available, with hopefully more to come, and you can even teach the application new tricks for more options.

To end with

All things considered, MyScript Stylus is a powerful accessibility tool with a lot of demonstrated potential. The interface quickly gets you up and running, with an auto-hide feature that only enables you to bring it up in a clever manner, knowing when not to take up precious desktop space. If you're nostalgic about handwriting, take it to a whole new level with this application.

MyScript Stylus was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on October 4th, 2014
MyScript Stylus - MyScript Stylus comes with a text input method that allows you to replace the old keyboard with handwriting recognition.MyScript Stylus - The Character Pad section allows you to write passwords, emails, web addresses or other specific words.MyScript Stylus - If something goes wrong or you are not in the mood to draw words, you can simply use the virtual keyword.MyScript Stylus - The calculator can help you solve complex mathematical equations and displays the result in real-time.MyScript Stylus - From the Settings window, you can manually add new words in the dictionary or import them from a text document.MyScript Stylus - screenshot #6MyScript Stylus - screenshot #7MyScript Stylus - screenshot #8MyScript Stylus - screenshot #9

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