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Powerful SQL database development tool that helps you focus on MPP databases and create, manage, and track both individual SQL queries, and entire database schemas

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Aginity Netezza Workbench is a software application designed specifically for helping you create and manage databases.

Intuitive layout and importing/exporting options

You are welcomed by a clean and simple design where all features are neatly organized in the main window.

There’s support for several view modes, such as full screen, quoted identifiers or entity schema. Additionally, you may sort the columns in an alphabetical order, check out the user and server query history, as well as show or hide the browser which reveals a list of database objects.

When it comes to importing options, you may add query set files and insert SQL, DLL or UDX files. What’s more, the application lets you view a list with recently query sets, SQL, DLL or UDX files, and print the information or send it via email as attachment.

Connection features

Aginity Netezza Workbench gives you the possibility to connect to a server by providing information about the connection name, server, SSL mode (disable, allow, prefer, require), user ID, password (which can be saved), database, port, as well as connection timeout.

Query operations

The program lets you execute the query the cursor is located in, execute all selected queries or all queries if there is no selection in the SQL editor window, activate the single batch mod for processing the selected text as a whole batch (without splitting it into individual SQL statements separated by a semicolon), or enable the processing of active or selected statements in databases.

Dll script creation and other handy features

Aginity Netezza Workbench comes with the right set of features for helping you create a DLL script by activating the Reverse Engineer Database, right-clicking on a database and selecting the Script Database, as well as using it in a Query Analyzer window.

Additionally, the tool keeps a history of your queries and allows you to execute a script, see a table distribution, connect to Netezza using either ODBC or OleDb driver, analyze table data in a database using a built-in wizard, compare two database schemas and generate a delta script, and analyze all tables in a database.

Powerful and reliable SQL database development tool

All in all, Aginity Netezza Workbench proves to be a reliable application that bundles power features for creating, managing, and tracking both individual SQL queries, and entire database schemas. It is helpful especially when working with data warehouse, managing SQL database and focusing on MPP databases.

Aginity Netezza Workbench was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on September 5th, 2014
Aginity Netezza Workbench - In the connection tab users are able to fill the necesary information to establish a new connectionAginity Netezza Workbench - The Options menu features settings for general use and offers users the possibility to modify themAginity Netezza Workbench - Users can find useful and personalize the Query Analyzer tooAginity Netezza Workbench - Another important tab is the Shell Integrator. It allows users to setup file associations

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