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A lightweight and efficient piece of software meant to help you keep informed about any change that is made to your most important files

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Notify When Files Change Software is a handy and reliable application whose main purpose is to alert you of any modification occurring in your most important documents immediately after they happen.

Basic yet functional appearance

The tool offers a fairly simple interface, with hardly any impressive features about it, yet it is precisely this that makes it quite approachable for the least experienced, as you will not need to waste a lot of time figuring it out.

The main window allows you to load the files you want to keep an eye on, and configure the notifications, either audio or visual. When minimized, it retreats to the system tray, thus preventing it from interfering with your regular work, yet still keeping you in the loop about your documents.

Immediately learn if the contents of your files have been altered

Notify When Files Change Software enables you to load the items that need monitoring, either individually or by means of the whole storage directory. You can browse for it through your PC or just drag and drop it onto the program’s main window.

The utility is able to track the file size or the ‘Date Modified’ property of the targeted documents, letting you choose the preferred notification type: ‘Audio’ or ‘Visual’, the former allowing you to select the WAV yourself from your computer.

Moreover, Notify When Files Change Software is able to run at Windows startup, capturing any discrepancy in a log file; however, it does not assign it a timestamp to inform you of the precise moment when the alterations occurred.

A user-friendly modification monitor

To sum it up, Notify When Files Change Software is a useful and effective tool aimed to help you track the contents of your documents, alerting you as soon as a modification is made, so you can look into it right away.

Notify When Files Change Software was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 8th, 2014
Notify When Files Change Software - Notify When Files Change Software is a simple tool that can alert you when modifications occurs in your documentsNotify When Files Change Software - When a change is performed, the tool informs you of this by means of a popup window or a sound