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An easy to use application that enables you to convert Microsoft Word documents to help files, in CHM format, in a few simple steps

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NuHelp is a lightweight software capable of creating help files, by converting Word documents that contain the required structure to CHM format. The software allows you to load multiple Word documents, then preview each page of the help file in the designated space.

Analyze the specific structure from documents

Each Microsoft Word file that you wish to convert to CHM format requires specific types of content, namely, a heading and a nodes structure. Moreover, you also need to build the topics, the index, set the local and external links.

The software works with Microsoft HTML Help Compiler in order to analyze the content of the Word files and determine if it fits the profile. Any piece of text written before the first heading, for instance, is not included in the final result, the software ignores it. If several documents are added to the list, the software considers them as complementary and includes them in the nodes structure.

Preview the file and quickly convert it

The interface of NuHelp consists of two areas: the column on the left, designated for displaying the tree structure of the input file and the previewing area, for rendering the contents of the document. You simply need to select a specific topic in order to preview the final result. Images and URLs are also supported.

Before processing the file, you need to set the output folder. The conversion is quick and the software can notify you when the file output is available, by displaying a short report. The notification lists the name and path of the output file, the compiling time, the number of each elements contained and the rate of file compression.

Create a comprehensive help file

NuHelp offers you an alternative to complicated software for creating CHM files. You may write and customize the content of the help file in Microsoft Word, which offers a multitude of text editing tools, then use NuHelp to convert the document to the required format. Moreover, the software can analyze and compile the CHM document before conversion.

NuHelp was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 28th, 2014
NuHelp - NuHelp is a simple to use Word to CHM converter that enables you to create comprehensive help files, in Word.NuHelp - The software can analyze the file you load, in order to determine if the required structure is available, then quickly converts it.NuHelp - The software allows you to easily customize the title, default page, the language and the compiling options for the CHM file.NuHelp - screenshot #4NuHelp - screenshot #5NuHelp - screenshot #6NuHelp - screenshot #7

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