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You can use this simple and efficient command line application to combine several DOC, DOCX or even RTF files into a single document

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Okdo Word Merger Command Line is a reliable piece of software functioning only through a command line interface and allowing you to join multiple Microsoft Word documents into a single item.

The program is probably not for everyone, given the fact that it does not offer a GUI and only runs from Command Prompt, which means that some basic or more advanced knowledge of how to work with command line arguments is required.

However, Okdo Word Merger Command Line does take into account the possibility that not all can figure out how to work with it on the fly, meaning it offers some guidance in its installation folder, featuring a few examples for various operations.

The utility supports several input formats, such as DOC, DOCX, DOCM, RTF, TXT, so you can work with whichever format you need. Moreover, it does not need Microsoft Office to be installed on your computer, meaning you can very well use it regardless of any additional software. Okdo Word Merger Command Line even provides you with the possibility of merging all the documents inside a specified folder as well as the ability to merge file lists.

In order to use Okdo Word Merger Command Line, first you will need to go to the installation directory , then type in 'wordmerger.exe'. Afterward, you can enter the arguments required to join the files, namely the items you wish to use (for instance '-file=C:\Test1.rtf -file=C:\Test2.doc'), add the save path for the generated document ('-dest=D:\Out.doc), and finally press on the 'Enter' key on you computer keyboard, for the files to be exported to the preferred folder.

To summarize, Okdo Word Merger Command Line is a useful joining tool that can spare you from a significant amount of effort, by enabling you to combine several DOCs or RTFs into one file in a few moves.

Okdo Word Merger Command Line was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 16th, 2014
Okdo Word Merger Command Line [SOFTPEDIA EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT: 10% OFF!] - Okdo Word Merger Command Line is a simple tool that enables you to join multiple DOC files into a single document