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A simple to use application that can help you in case you need to convert a large text to multiple lines containing a single word

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One Word Per Line Converter Software is a reliable program that can come in handy when you need to split a large text into one word per line. It can easily handle a long text, as well as manage batches of text files simultaneously. Thus the software can change the structure of a text, by dividing the phrases and preserving the punctuation marks.

Text manager and splitter

The software features two types of text conversion: single text file or multiple files. The first option requires that you load the text contained in a document. You simply need to load the file and the software can automatically import the phrases into the preview area. The software allows you to save the uploaded sentences to a different text file or convert them instantly.

The result is displayed in the dedicated field, at the bottom of the window, for you to analyze before saving it to your computer. If the text is larger, the process may take a few seconds or minutes, in which case you may view its evolution on the progress bar.

Effective batch file converter

One Word Per Line Converter Software can easily perform the splitting process on multiple files at the same time. You may add several files from different folders or load an entire directory, then let the software detect the supported files. The preview area displays all the files in the queue, along with their full path, so in case you have added unnecessary files, you can clear the list and start over.

Simply select the output folder, then start the conversion process. The software is capable of handling the files in a quick manner, and allows you to watch its development on the progress bar.

Quickly divide sentences and phrases

The software can divide any sentence, by creating a new line each time it meets a blank space. Hyperlinks, however are excepted from the rule, so they remain intact. Punctuation marks are generally ignored, if placed correctly. Dividing a sentence into separate words allows you to manage each of them individually, as well as easily read the text.

One Word Per Line Converter Software was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 24th, 2014
One Word Per Line Converter Software - One Word Per Line Converter Software is a reliable application designed to help you divide your text to one word per line.One Word Per Line Converter Software - The software can manage a single text imported from clipboard, but you may also load several files, from a local folder.