Oracle BI Publisher Desktop11.

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A complete reporting solution that can assist you in quickly generating intelligible, easy to read reports and documents of all types




Oracle BI Publisher Desktop is a comprehensive reporting utility provided by Oracle that enables you to generate documents much easier and deliver them to your employees and collaborators in a timely fashion.

It enables you to author interactive reports, official forms for financial or government institutions and customer documents such as invoices without having to invest in multiple costly software solutions. The modern, scalable architecture it relies on and its feature set addresses all your reporting requirements.

Oracle BI Publisher Desktop can generate intelligible representations of company data, such as easy to understand graphs and tables. It can gather data from various sources, including relational databases, spreadsheets or web services.

With its help, you can create data models and layouts that can be filled with custom data, building multilingual reports and publishing, printing, sending them via e-mail or fax or uploading them to a FTP repository or a CMS applications. Generated reports can also be exported to PDF, Office document formats, Flash or HTML.

Oracle BI Publisher Desktop features instant translations of reports, keeping the information in the same form, but keeping in mind individual preferences.

Thanks to its powerful engine, it is capable of generating hundreds of pages in a short period of time, which is the reason why many third party application developers use this solution for their reporting needs.

Its easy to work with architecture helps managers create complete and easy to read reports quicker and easier, with positive impact on team collaboration, productivity and efficiency.

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Last updated on December 19th, 2011