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A Java-based lightweight and intuitive application that you can use to open OpenStreetMaps files, explore and design your own map

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OsmAnd Map Creator provides you with a cross-platform application that aims to assist you in creating, opening and viewing maps. It is capable of reading OSM, BZ2 or PBF extracts, which can be freely downloaded from the OpenStreetMap database.

The program is intended for both beginners and advanced users and therefore it shouldn't pose any problems. The intuitive GUI is mostly occupied by the map preview, while also comprising zoom adjustment options.

The data is downloaded from various sources, such as Mapnik or Microsoft Maps. Therefore, an active connection to the Internet is required for using the program.

All sorts of maps are available, from geopolitical, satellite and physical to road, topographic, economic and more. Additional maps can be added to the collection by creating new tile sources. This is done by specifying the URL of the template and its name.

Unlike online mapping services you might be accustomed to, OsmAnd Map Creator does not allow navigation by dragging and dropping the map. Instead, this operation is dedicated to selecting an area and downloading bundle map tiles from the selected source.

You can also customize the rendering options by loading a configuration file used for extracting the OSM data. The application can build the map, POI, the address and the transport index and a street normalization option is also available.

Aside from the obvious function of allowing you to find locations on the world map, this application can help you load and view OpenStreetMap files. The ease of use makes it a great map rendering tool, enabling you to process small to complex maps.

OsmAnd Map Creator was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on April 2nd, 2015
OsmAnd Map Creator - OsmAnd Map Creator is an application designed for map viewing and navigation.OsmAnd Map Creator - You can use the source OSM file and specify the working directory using the File menu.OsmAnd Map Creator - The source of tiles can be selected by accessing the designated menu of OsmAnd Map Creator.OsmAnd Map Creator - screenshot #4

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