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An efficient and user-friendly application which enables you to quickly convert all your PDF files to Quicken-compatible CSV format

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PDF2CSV Converter is a lightweight and efficient piece of software which aims to provide you with the easiest method possible for extracting your transactions from PDF documents into CSV format files, which you can then use with financial applications.

The program requires a regular installation process, with no noteworthy events. Afterward, you can launch it and begin working with it right away, by loading the PDF that you need.

Keep in mind that PDF2CSV Converter does not function with scanned PDFs, so you will not be able to extract transactions from this type of files.

In order to select the PDF that you wish to convert, you need to load it from the 'File' menu of PDF2CSV Converter, by browsing for it through your computer, as the utility does not support drag and drop.

Make sure that before you add the targeted PDF, you select the preferred date format for the read and write operations, between 'US Format (month-day)' or 'Euro Format (day-month)', depending on how you need to work with your data.

After loading the source document, PDF2CSV Converter will automatically analyze its contents and begin extracting the transactions to CSV, saving it under the same name as the initial file, to the same directory. However, be careful that the folder does not contain a file with the same name, as it will be overwritten without requesting any confirmation.

Using the GUI, you are not able to perform batch conversion operations. However, you can do that through command line, as PDF2CSV Converter supports running in CMD interface.

To sum it up, PDF2CSV Converter is a user-friendly and reliable application that can assist you in turning your transactions from PDF format to Quicken-supported CSV files, requiring a minimal level of effort from you, thus saving you significant amounts of time.

PDF2CSV Converter was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 17th, 2014
PDF2CSV Converter - The main window of PDF2CSV Converter lists all the converted transactions from your source filePDF2CSV Converter - From the File menu, you can load the PDF that you want to work with or save the conversion logPDF2CSV Converter - The Settings menu enables you to choose the preferred date format for writing the transaction details