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A powerful phonetic transcription editor, which is of use to anyone looking to transcribe large chunks of text with very little efforts

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PhoTransEdit is a powerful application that can transcribe normal text into phonetic form in a simple and convenient manner. You can also use it as a phonetic editor for writing your own transcriptions.

It is suited for language teachers, students, researchers and virtually anyone in need of a speedy program that can easily transcribe a given text. As a secondary purpose, the application can find rhymes for a specified word.

All of the feature set can be explored from its main window, which is modern and highly intuitive. Most of the area is dedicated to the source text and to the transcribed output, while the rest is reserved for various formatting options.

Simply write or paste the text you wish to convert, then press the ‘Transcribe’ button, at which point the conversion engine is initiated. Large chunks of text will take longer to process, but the good news is that it remains friendly with system resources throughout the conversion.

The output text can be manipulated in various ways; you can edit it with the aid of the consonants, vowels and diphthongs made available inside a special section or you can export it to HTML or Braille format. Additional options include the possibility to remove stress characters, keep spaces, show syllable boundaries, remove CRs, to name just a few.

The Rhyme feature, on the other hand, is more fun. You can enter a word, select the type of rhyme you prefer (perfect rhyme, assonance or alliteration) and hit the Search button to retrieve a list of matching words.

In conclusion, PhoTransEdit can bring great benefit to users in search for a phonetic transcriber. It is packed with features that appeal to all audiences and embeds a rhyme finder for poets or simply for fun purposes.

PhoTransEdit was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 17th, 2014

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