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A comprehensive and reliable application whose main purpose is to provide you with an extensive array of templates and tools for your PowerPoint presentations

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Podium for PowerPoint is an advanced and efficient piece of software functioning as a Microsoft PowerPoint addin which aims to provide you with enhanced functionality for your favorite presentation designer, by offering you numerous templates and tools to work with.

In order to be able to work with the application you need to have PowerPoint installed on your system, otherwise the utility cannot be used. After installation, you will notice a 'Podium' tab in the program's ribbon, where you can access the various components that it features, for instance add 'Shapes and Embellishments' or choose a 'Background' from the assigned menu to apply to your slides.

At the same time, you can press on the 'Launch Podium' button, which will cause an independent window to appear, featuring numerous tabs which allow you to use 'Background' images, presentation 'Templates' or 'Stock Photos' in your slideshow.

It features several tools, such as the 'Slide Designer' or the 'Slide Builder', which can assist you in creating customized presentations using the available imagery, but adjusting its multiple characteristics, for instance 'Colors' ('Saturation', 'Solarize', 'Contrast', 'Hue', 'Transparency' and more), 'Filters' ('Bend', 'Blur', 'Clouds', 'Impressionist', 'Start', 'Puzzle', 'Ocean', or others) or 'Transformation' ('Halftone', 'Dry', 'Polar', etc).

Moreover, Podium for PowerPoint enables you to create '3D Text', allowing you to input the intended message, then choose from the various 'Text Fill Options', 'Text Effects', 'Background Effects' or 'Lighting Effects'. Similarly, you can adjust the '3D Text Movements' ('Vertical' and 'Horizontal Rotation' or 'Transparency' levels) and '3D Canvas'. Any of these can be exported to the ribbon in PowerPoint, so you can access them more easily.

To conclude, Podium for PowerPoint is a comprehensive yet user-friendly addin that can successfully assist you in creating impressive slideshow presentations with the least amount of effort, by making use of the numerous templates and models you are offered.

Podium for PowerPoint was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 12th, 2014
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