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A practical and very useful add-in for the popular Microsoft Word text editor which adds a set of new features and functions to it

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Power Word is a Microsoft Word add-in that was created in order to provide you with some features that the application is missing.

Through the features that it brings, it’s capable of improving your workflow and quality. It offers you an email sharing function, a powerful search feature, translation capabilities and a To-Do list manager.

The add-in is easy to install and as usual, adds a new tab to the Microsoft Word interface. The new tab has a suggestive title so it should be easy to identify.

Power Word enables you to share the document you are working on with a friend or colleague, directly from the application. In order to do so, all you need is the recipient's email address or the SMTP information. After you fill in all the required fields, you simply give the OK and the active document is automatically sent.

Another feature that Power Word brings is an easy to use search / research function. What this does is it helps you search for content that is associated with a keyword you enter. After the word is typed in, you click the button that corresponds to the category you want to search in and the application opens your web browser with the results. You can search sites like YouTube, WikiPedia and categories such as news, images and articles.

A much needed feature that Power Word adds is text translation. Within two clicks you can quickly translate the text in your document to 32 different languages.

In case the project you’re working on has a considerable amount of side assignments, the add-in helps you keep track of them by providing you with a simple means of creating a To-Do list. You simply write the reminder and save it.

In closing, Power Word does bring to Microsoft Word a set of tools that you you can definitely benefit from.

Power Word was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on December 10th, 2013
Power Word - Power Word is a Microsoft Word add-in that will enable you to search the web from inside the Word document.Power Word - With Power Word you will also be able to translate between different languages and keep track of your tasks.

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