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Search for your documents by a phrase, several words, a query as in search engines, multiline, or regular expression using filters (size and date) and exclusion lists

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Quick Search and Replace is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you carry out search operations in order to find out documents by a phrase, several words, query, regular expressions, or other criteria.

Straightforward layout

You are welcomed by a clean feature lineup that allows you to look for files or perform search and replace operations. Most of the parameters can be triggered using just a few selection clicks.

Main features

Quick Search and Replace gives you the possibility to specify the directory where the search process takes place, add masks, pick the searching mode (phrase, word, search engine, multiline, or regular expression), as well as include case sensitive words in the process.

What’s more, you can start or stop the operation, check out the file contents with the built-in viewing mode, carry out search operations inside of the search result list, as well as export data to LST file format.

The tool lets you copy, rename, or delete files, create exclusion lists with directories and files (and include subdirectories too), and view extra information about the found items, such as name, path, time, time, date, and size.

When it comes to search and replace operations, you can make the application replace phrase, multiline, or regular expression, insert data before or after the words, delete, or clear the text.

Configuration options

The program allows you to include subfolders, ignore leading and trailing spaces, ignore whitespace in regular expressions, as well as apply filters by size (user-defined maximum and minimum values), and date (items newer than a custom date or preset date interval). On the downside, there is no support for file extension filters.

Bottom line

All in all, Quick Search and Replace comes bundled with handy features for helping you accomplish the search process, and is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.

Quick Search and Replace was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on April 11th, 2014
Quick Search and Replace - This is the main window of Quick Search and Replace where you will be able to enter your search criteria.Quick Search and Replace - Quick Search and Replace will enable you to choose the search type and the modification type.Quick Search and Replace - You can customize the application using the designated window.

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