RegExp Extractor

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A compact, yet seamlessly reliable application that helps you process certain TXT files in order to extract specific information





RegExp Extractor is a handy utility created to enable you to extract data from text files and logs using conditions and rules written using regular expressions.

To use this program you need to know regular expressions (regexp). The search tabs contain a set of conditions and rules to extract data. For ex., "emails" tab contains conditions and rules to extract emails, "URL-domains" tab contains conditions and rules to extract domains from the URLs.

RegExp Extractor can save unimportant lines in other files, so that you can process them later and extract additional information.

Note: Free for non-commercial use.
Last updated on April 18th, 2014
RegExp Extractor - The application allows you to extract information from certain TXT files, such as emails or website domains.RegExp Extractor - By accessing the Test Regular Expression window, you can check if a specific keyword matches the RegExp pattern.