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A powerful utility that provides the necessary means of cataloging and managing a wide variety of document types, including useful editing features

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Keeping a document collection neatly organized and with everything easy to find and retrieve usually means a lot of work. Nonetheless, there are some utilities that can take much of the load off the hand of the user and RetSoft Archive Home Office is among those tools.

Plain GUI to simplify document management

The installation package may be a bit large, but the setup procedure is carried out in a decent amount of time. The main window seems pretty well organized, with the functions at hand and the explorer pane in the left side.

Most of the space in the main work area of RetSoft Archive Home Office is reserved for previewing the documents, making selections and editing files as well.

Impressive array of supported files and decent feature pack

Putting the program to work will reveal its capabilities and right off the bat users will notice the extensive set of types that can be handled by this software solution. Office documents, emails, HTML files, as well as numerous graphical formats can be imported and archived with ease.

The built-in search function helps a lot in identifying specific text strings or portions of the documents, while the image editing features complement the set of functions bundled inside RetSoft Archive Home Office.

For those who want to share files or portions of digital pictures, the needed functions are included, as is a most useful OCR ability that helps in reading and extracting text from images.

A well balanced solution for organizing documents

To sum things up, the program can prove to be quite useful for those who have lots of files on their hands and want to put together an archive in which everything is conveniently stored. Unfortunately, the previewing function is quite limited and will only handle common file types.

RetSoft Archive Home Office was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on July 2nd, 2014
RetSoft Archive Home Office - This is the main window of RetSoft Archive Home Office where users can add the files they want to archive.RetSoft Archive Home Office - The right-click menu in RetSoft Archive Home Office allows users to manage the selected folders.RetSoft Archive Home Office - RetSoft Archive Home Office offers a set of useful commands for finding text strings inside documents, uploading files and more.RetSoft Archive Home Office - screenshot #4RetSoft Archive Home Office - screenshot #5RetSoft Archive Home Office - screenshot #6RetSoft Archive Home Office - screenshot #7RetSoft Archive Home Office - screenshot #8RetSoft Archive Home Office - screenshot #9RetSoft Archive Home Office - screenshot #10RetSoft Archive Home Office - screenshot #11