SPC for Excel

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Data analysis software that brings to the table a wide range of statistical tools such Pareto diagrams, histograms as well as measurement system analysis





SPC for Excel is an add-on for Microsoft Excel that can simplify the statistical analysis of data. It can create charts based on the values available in a spreadsheet and enables the user to manipulate them as well as append useful information.

The extension includes a large number of statistical tools and techniques. It offers the possibility to create Pareto diagrams as well as update existing ones. The same goes for histograms, variable and attribute control charts or cause and effect diagrams.

In the menu of the add-on there is all the necessary functionality the user needs to come up with statistical visuals of the data inserted in Excel spreadsheets.

Controlling the values and the information in the charts and diagrams can be easily done through options that can update the information or enrich it with new details.

The tool provides multiple multiple methods for determining important modifications in the process means: Fisher's LSD, Tukey's and Bonferroni's. Based on these, the utility can inform about the different treatment means or variances.

The flexibility of the add-on together with the large number of statistical tools makes it useful for various organizations, quality assurance entities as well as for engineers.
Last updated on May 10th, 2014
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