Samsung Easy Printer Manager

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A home and office tool that provides you with monitoring capabilities of printers installed on your network and alerts you when an error occurs

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Samsung Easy Printer Manager is an application developed to help you monitor and keep track of installed printers on your network and is tailored to fit well with both novice and advanced users.

It provides you with a simple means of managing multiple printers at the same time from one computer and notifies you about printing errors and technical alerts. From it you can order supplies and set up scanning and fax to PC settings.

The application is capable of displaying detailed information about the connected devices. It can show you the model name, IP address and can even reproduce the message that is displayed on the printer's’ LCD screen. This is a very good feature to have when an error occurs on a printer that is not close to you making it easy to identify and fix the problem. Moreover, the application provides you with information about the toner, paper and tray of the printer.

Also, from the main window you are able to run different applications that utilize other features of the printer, such as scanning. You can access these features by using the provided ‘Quick Links’.

Switching to the ‘Advanced Mode’ of Samsung Easy Printer Manager, you get a consistent amount of additional settings and features that are designed to enhance its functionality and control it offers over the devices. If you’re a network administrator than this mode suites you just well because it enables you to keep a close eye on the devices and make sure they work at optimal parameters.

From the advanced interface you are able to directly search for printers that are connected to the network or perform a scan to find them within an IP range. Since its main function is to monitor the status of the devices, should anything go wrong, you can toggle the application to notify you via printer or email about errors.

For home use and businesses that have their activity, more or less, based on printing needs, Samsung Easy Printer Manager is a must have tool. It’s easy to use and most of all, helpful.

Samsung Easy Printer Manager was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 7th, 2013
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