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A handy and easy to use application that helps you extract textual content from scanned images or certain sections from your desktop

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Scanned images or on-screen text can prove quite troublesome, especially if you cannot extract their textual content in order to edit it. For situations like these, there are certain software solutions, one of them being Scan2Text.

The program allows you to extract text blocks from certain scanned documents, PDFs or on-screen windows and areas, then export it to a text editor, such as Microsoft Word or the built-in Notepad. In order to properly function, it is recommended that you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer, along with a scanner device.

Handy and reliable text extraction tool with user-friendly interface

The application scans certain uneditable documents, such as PDFs, scanned text files or on-screen windows, then it extracts any detected text blocks, allowing you to easily modify it.

Furthermore, you can select any area of your screen and extract all the text detected in it, then edit and use it at your own documents.

Dependable and seamlessly easy to use text extractor from uneditable sources

Scan2Text can be used to extract and edit text blocks that cannot be normally edited or copied for usage. For instance, you can extract text from a scanned document using the application’s OCR(optical character recognition) feature, then edit it and save it as a Word document.

Additionally, you can extract text from any area of the screen, providing that there is any readable textual content there. As an example, you can select the area occupied by a window that contains a text block that cannot be selected or copied, then let the program extract it for you.

A powerful and intuitive OCR utility that supports screen area selection

As a conclusion, Scan2Text can save you of the hassle of manually writing a text from an uneditable scanned document or image, by extracting it directly from that file and exporting it to a text editor on the spot.

Scan2Text was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 2nd, 2014
Scan2Text - Scan2Text allows you to seamlessly extract the text content of any paper scan, image file or screen area.Scan2Text - By accessing the Scan2Text's Settings window, you can preview scanned images or simplify the format of imported text.

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