Scanned Document Skew Fixer

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A simple and user-friendly application that you can use to correct the skew of certain scanned documents just with one push of a button

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Scanned Document Skew Fixer is an intuitive and easy to understand software utility created to provide you with the ability to quickly reduce or even eliminate the skew angle of your scanned images, enabling you to continue working with your files without restriction.

Straight-forward and clean interface

Following a very brief and uneventful installation process, you can launch the program from the shortcut that it places on your desktop and begin using with it.

Scanned Document Skew Fixer features a fairly simple interface, with few elements to speak of; however, it is precisely the lack of complicated characteristics that makes it very approachable even for those with less computer experience.

Load and deskew your files

To proceed with the operation, you first need to import your documents, which can be done either by loading one item after the other from the 'Add File' button, by pressing the 'Add Files From Folder' button or by drag and dropping all the images that you need to fix.

Scanned Document Skew Fixer supports a wide array of formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, ICO, and others. Additionally, the tool can function in batch mode, which means you can easily load all of the files that you need to deskew and process them in one go.

Subsequent to loading all the items that need to be corrected, you can press the 'Process' button, prompting you to select a destination folder. The application will then analyze your images and determine the skew angle, fixing it within moments. At the same time, it displays the 'Angle of Rotation' in the main window, next to each file, allowing you to learn how much each document needed to be straightened.

Useful skew correction instrument

To conclude, Scanned Document Skew Fixer is an efficient and reliable tool whose main purpose is to help you eliminate the degree of rotation of all your scanned files, saving you valuable time and effort.

Scanned Document Skew Fixer was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on August 14th, 2014
Scanned Document Skew Fixer - Scanned Document Skew Fixer is a simple tool creator to correct angled images with minimal effortScanned Document Skew Fixer - From the Options window of the application, you an decide on the angle range for scanning