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A lightweight and handy piece of software that represents an addition for PowerPoint allowing you to migrate presentations to Microsoft Publisher

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Send To Publisher is a handy software component that provides you with the possibility to export Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to Microsoft Publisher.

A reason behind Send To Publisher

This little plugin utility adds to the already rich set of features offered by Microsoft PowerPoint another one that allows you to send your PPT files to another application, namely Microsoft Publisher. Thus, you no longer need to install other third-party programs in order to create a link between two powerful Microsoft applications.

After installation you are able to access Send To Publisher from within the ribbon-like interface of PowerPoint, right from the upper right corner of the application's 'Home' menu.

The main purpose for designing Send To Publisher is to allow you to create handouts, pamphlets using PowerPoint presentations along with notes attached to slides and other publications that enable you to perform imposing.

Choose between several export options

From the main window of the application, you are able to choose how you want to export PPT files. Without further details, you can export to Microsoft Publisher a single slide per page, two slides per page, add blanks or text below slides, as well as notes or blanks next to each slide.

Moreover, you have the possibility to export slides exactly how they were created in PowerPoint, or as PNG, JPEG or WMF images.

If you have experience in working with Microsoft Publisher or even if you do not have extensive graphic design experience, you should know that the PNG format converts text to images better that the JPEG format, and it is recommended that you edit slides that contain images in PowerPoint before migrating them to Publisher.

Reliable addition to PowerPoint

To sum up, Send To Publisher is a useful add-in to PowerPoint if you need to send your presentations to Microsoft Publisher in order to benefit from further editing possibilities. Unfortunately, this application offers you limited customization options, even though it is very easy to use by entry-level users.

Send To Publisher was reviewed by Alexandra Savin
Last updated on August 31st, 2014
Send To Publisher - Send To Publisher enables you to send Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to Microsoft PublisherSend To Publisher - The main window of Send To Publisher allows you to access all the features of the application

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