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A handy and dependable Microsoft Office PowerPoint add-on that allows you to seamlessly organize your custom shapes, images or icons

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When creating a presentation in PowerPoint, images and pictures play a big role, as visual representations of the information presented on a slide are essential. Although Microsoft Office PowerPoint offers you several built-in pictures, icons or animations, it offers little support for custom ones.

Luckily, this drawback can be overcome using software plugins. One such add-on is ShapeChef, a handy tool that gives you the possibility to easily organize and manage all your custom images and shapes that you use when creating a presentation slide. In order to properly work, the application requires Microsoft Office PowerPoint installed on your computer.

Dependable picture manager add-on for Microsoft Office PowerPoint

The application allows you to organize your images, shapes, charts and other similar pictures, so that you can easily reuse them whenever you need to build a presentation slide. This way, you have instant access to your favorite images and you can use them in any presentation by simply drag-and-dropping them on your slides.

Additionally, you can upload your favorite images on your online library. By doing so, you can use them anytime on other machines, by accessing your account and synchronizing them with the plugin.

Reliable image organizing tool

By adding the ShapeChef plugin to your Microsoft Office PowerPoint, you can easily manage your favorite images and reuse them anytime when building new presentation slides.

Aside from this, you can synchronize all your images with your cloud account and share it with your friends, so that they can use your shapes and pictures for their own projects.

A sturdy and powerful shape manager plugin

To sum it up, ShapeChef provides you with a robust and intuitive environment for quick organizing and managing all your favorite images, shapes or charts, offering instant access to them when creating new Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentations.

ShapeChef was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 17th, 2015
ShapeChef - ShapeChef is a Microsoft Office PowerPoint plugin that allows you to manage your custom shapes and images.ShapeChef - By right-clicking on a shape, you can rename and remove it, or change its current settings.ShapeChef - From the Shape Settings window, you can change the name, icon or tags of a certain custom shape.

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