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Save hours of typing with Shorthand, the award winning keyboard simulation, text assembly and document preparation tool that works on top of existing Microsoft Windows applications.

Much more than just another abbreviation expander, Shorthand allows you to create interactive input screens and run powerful scripts for assembling text documents right inside your word processor!

Shorthand includes the powerful Tcl scripting engine which allows you to perform mathematical/date/time computations, parse text strings, read/write files and launch external applications.

Once you setup the commands you prefer, you will no longer need to do any repetitious typing again.

Here are just some of the examples that Shorthand can type in for you:
· Your name
· Your company name
· Your address
· Your e-mail address
· Your telephone number
· Your credit card number and its expiration date
· Your user IDs and passwords
· Medical, legal or technical terminology

Shorthand is not limited to simple text insertion; you can use Shorthand to make shortcut keys to run keyboard macros, launch other software programs and create interactive dialog boxes to read in user input.
Last updated on April 8th, 2011
Shorthand - This is the main window of Shorthand where you can view all the created entriesShorthand - You can access this menu when you want to search for a specific record or duplicate oneShorthand - This is the way Shorthand will display statistics information regarding the number of keystrokes you performedShorthand - screenshot #4Shorthand - screenshot #5Shorthand - screenshot #6Shorthand - screenshot #7Shorthand - screenshot #8Shorthand - screenshot #9Shorthand - screenshot #10Shorthand - screenshot #11Shorthand - screenshot #12

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