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A fast add-on application for Excel that helps you find similar cell values with ease, displaying the most relevant search results

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Searching for misspelled words in Excel worksheets can be eye exhausting, as you might easily lose sight of cells or skip a few of them. It is easier to use an application that can find similar words and pinpoint their cell location.

Similar Data Finder for Excel is a nifty add-on that finds similar keywords and cell values in Excel spreadsheets. In order to be able to use the application you need, as its name says, Microsoft Excel and .Net Framework installed on your computer.

Quick word finder

The add-on utility searches for similarities between each cell value in a Excel worksheet, and then it displays the most relevant results found.

You can select which search method will be used, as the application uses two different methods. The first method relies on percentages, meaning that you can specify the percentage of different characters from each string of words.

The second method uses fixed numbers of different character values, giving you the option to specify how many different symbols can two or more words have in order to pass as similar. Furthermore, you can choose to ignore identical cells in search results.

Fast word editor

Once found, each similar keyword is displayed in a result window, along with some details, such as cell position or complete cell text. You can select to modify a cell, or mark it for further analysis. In addition, you can perform fast row and column deletions using the application.

A powerful keyword identifier

Similar Data Finder for Excel can help you correct your spreadsheets by finding similar cell entries with ease. This means you do not have to search for them manually, as the application does all the work for you.

Similar Data Finder for Excel was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on March 29th, 2014
Similar Data Finder for Excel - The program helps you find similar words in Excel, displaying you the cells that contain similar keywords.Similar Data Finder for Excel - You can select the method used to find words, either by found percentage or character count.Similar Data Finder for Excel - The Search results window displays you the cell position, text and value for each similar occurrences.