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A reliable application that enables you to create standard reports in a familiar, Microsoft Word like environment with little effort

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Simple Blanks is a simple to use text editor software that enables you to create detailed reports, while working in a comprehensive, friendly environment. The software features a Microsoft Word-like interface, with Windows 8 style and offers advanced functions for data manipulation. You may easily import information from a local database and create statistical reports.

Load and easily edit database information

With Simple Blanks, inserting information into a document is made easy. You may create a new report, from scratch or load a pre-existing file, in one of the supported formats: SNX, RTF, TXT, HTML, MHT, DOCX, ODT, XML, EPUB or DOC. The software includes all the familiar text editing functions and allows you to insert data sources, filter the information, sort the entries, even mail merge.

Simply connect to the desired database and extract the required information, by creating parameters and data sources. Then, drag and drop the data packs from the column on the right side, straight onto the indicated space, in order to shape the graphs, charts or tables. You may easily insert pictures, barcodes, symbols, blank pages, even bookmarks.

Design a modern, professional looking report

The software allows you to create comprehensive reports, with color themes, animations and statistical data graphic representations. You may insert references, figures, equations, headers or footers and display the source code for hyperlinks. The software features explicit wizards that accompany the data insertion, in order to guide you through the process.

A text editor with report generating functions

With Simple Blanks, you can not only create the report and edit its contents, but also preview the final layout, since it is a WYSIWYG editor. Aside from the easy data insertion, the software provides you with the means of sorting the information and organizing it, so that you can create a hierarchical report. Moreover, you can easily export the reports to your computer, email them to multiple recipients or print them straight from Simple Blanks.

Simple Blanks was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on April 24th, 2015
Simple Blanks - Simple Blanks is a simple to use report generator that features a familiar, Microsoft Word-like interface and commands.Simple Blanks - The software allows you to create data sources that you can use when generating a report, from a local database.Simple Blanks - You may create a report based on the information in the local database or open and edit a pre-existing HTML, Text or EPUB file.Simple BlanksSimple BlanksSimple Blanks