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A comprehensive, yet simple to use application that enables you to create advanced reports, by importing information from local databases

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Simple Repts is a reliable report designing tool that allows you to create advanced, professional looking informational sheets. The software allows you connect to a local database and extract tables or queries, then use the integrated script function to perform data manipulation. Moreover, you can easily view a HTML or printing preview.

Text editing in a controlled environment

Simple Repts offers several editing tools and allows you to insert rich text boxes, images, tables, shapes, barcodes, charts, pivot tables, subreports, table of contents, or cross-band objects. The software makes it easy to align objects in the working space, thanks to the automatic repositioning when you drag the item near the borders.

The software supports creating multiple styles of reports, such as Jasper or SQL models, offering you a powerful report designer. You may generate complex ad hoc reports starting from templates or from a blank page. Moreover, the software can assist you in designing hierarchical master-detail reports, table, multi-column, as well as interactive drill-down/drill through reports.

Database support

With Simple Repts, you may connect to a database and import information from its tables. Simply select the desired provider or collection, then create data sources or parameters that you can use to insert information into the report. Easily drag and drop a parameter into a chart, table or graph.

Moreover, you can easily create scripts in order to pre-define an item’s behavior according to certain functions. An example could be that you can set the report to automatically be saved in its current state right before being sent to printing. Additionally, the software allows you to customize the layout of the report by inserting headers, footers, split pages text highlight, then preview it as HTML.

Reliable report generator

With Simple Repts, generating professional looking reports is made easy. The software features several editing and object importing functions, similar to SQL, Crystal or Jasper report designers. Not only does Simple Repts allow you to insert data extracted from databases, but it also helps you create personalized layouts, with charts, images and graphs, then view the report as HTML content.

Simple Repts was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on April 24th, 2015
Simple Repts - Simple Repts is a comprehensive application dedicated to creating advanced report sheets, with the help of editing tools.Simple Repts - The application allows you to connect to a local database and extract information that you can paste into the report.Simple Repts - You can create hierarchical master-detail reports, table and multi-column, interactive drill-down and drill-through reports.Simple Repts - screenshot #4Simple Repts - screenshot #5Simple Repts - screenshot #6Simple Repts - screenshot #7Simple Repts - screenshot #8Simple Repts - screenshot #9Simple Repts - screenshot #10Simple Repts - screenshot #11

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