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A spreadsheet creator and editor that enables you to use formulas, insert various objects into the documents and create a wide array of charts

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Spreadsheet documents come in handy when you have to deal with a large number of calculations, which need to be properly arranged and even charted in some cases, using intuitive table layout. Thus, a flexible spreadsheet environment can greatly improve your productivity and make the resulting files much easier to read by other people.

Open, edit and create spreadsheet documents

Simple Sheets is a software utility designed in order to minimize the effort you have to put into navigating throughout your documents, as well as provide you with every tool you need to perform complex calculations, generate charts and insert almost any kind of object into your spreadsheets. In addition, it can recognize and open XLS, XLSX and CSV files, as well as save them under the same formats.

As far as the actual user interface goes, the main section is occupied by the familiar table layout, in which you add the data that needs processing. As is to be expected, the cells are fully editable and you are allowed to resize and remove them, as well as change their visual aspect by choosing background and border colors. Furthermore, the toolbar sports an easy-to-use tabbed interface, which makes navigating to the desired section very simple.

Generate a multitude of charts and graphs

Beside the usual digits and text that populate a spreadsheet, Simple Sheets also provides you with quite a range of charts and graphs you can use to generate a graphic representations of the information presented in the rest of the document. Thus, whether you want to express a fluctuation using a simple column graph, or you want to include a detailed pie chart, the application offers you complete liberty.

The central idea surrounding spreadsheets, on the other hand, is the fact that they help you calculate various values, using the built-in formulae. Hence, from financial-specific calculations regarding rates and percentages, all the way to logical expressions and text operations, they are all included into the utility and they require minimal effort to be put into use.

An essential spreadsheet editor

In the end, there are not too many things working against Simple Sheets, thanks to its complete range of supported features. In addition, the fact that it supports XLS and XLSX documents, as well as save the spreadsheets under the same format, makes the application a valuable utility to have around, especially if you are in need of a powerful, but lightweight spreadsheet editor.

Simple Sheets was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 29th, 2015
Simple Sheets - You can open, view and edit the desired XLSX and XLS documents into the main window of the application.Simple Sheets - The Home tab provides with with a wide array of formatting options for your text and cells.Simple Sheets - You can add tables, pictures and various chart times by accessing the Insert tab.Simple Sheets - screenshot #4Simple Sheets - screenshot #5Simple Sheets - screenshot #6Simple Sheets - screenshot #7Simple Sheets - screenshot #8Simple Sheets - screenshot #9Simple Sheets - screenshot #10Simple Sheets - screenshot #11

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