Simple TTS Reader

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Straightforward application which enables you to read out loud any specified body text, as well as the string you copy to the Clipboard

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Simple TTS Reader is a software tool which provides users with a simple manner of reading a piece of information out loud, using one of the integrated voices and tweaking a few options.

Simple-to-handle environment

The installation process is over in jiffy and does not bring any surprises, while the interface you are met with is minimal and clean. It consists of a few buttons, and a pane in which to view all the available voices. Although no Help contents are supported, a video demo is available online, which enables you to learn how to work with Simple TTS Reader, regardless of your experience level.

Control the rate of the voice

This is a small Clipboard reader which goes in the system tray from the first launch and therefore, can be rendered unobtrusive with just a click of the button. By double-clicking the systray icon, you bring up a window which enables you to choose the voice, as well as adjust the rate and volume with the help of some built-in slider bars, and continuously test it, to be sure it is what you want.

Conclusion and performance

CPU and memory usage is minimal at all times, which means that the computer’s performance is not going to be hampered and you can run it alongside other programs without encountering any issues. The response time is good, the interface is dedicated to all types of users and our tests did not register any bugs, freezes or hugs.

Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say Simple TTS Reader is a pretty simple, yet efficient piece of software when it comes to reading out loud the Clipboard.

Simple TTS Reader was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on June 16th, 2014
Simple TTS Reader - This is the main window of Simple TTS Reader where you can adjust the speech rate and the volume.

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