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SimpleNotes - You can write in it any information sorting by multiple pages






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SimpleNotes sits in the system tray and need not much space in RAM. You can quickly restore SNotes from system trey and SNotes will be ready to work.

You can store here everything you want: your frinds' and partners' addresses, meetings, your tasks to do, all birthdays you know, important dates, holidays, passwords, your future plans and other personal information.

All this information you can organize as you want using different pages in SNotes. Program automaticly saves all entered information so you may not worry for information. All is extremely easy and comfortable! I hope this program helps you to organize your personal information.
Last updated on January 16th, 2009
SimpleNotes - This is the main window of SimpleNotes where you can enter your texts and create several tabs.SimpleNotes - The Edit menu is the place where you can use the special paste or insert an image.SimpleNotes - The Preferences window will allow you to change the backup folder and to enable icon in system tray.SimpleNotes - The View section will offer you the possibility to activate URL Auto detection within your texts.SimpleNotes - You can access the Default section when you want to modify the standard font type and size.

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