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A PowerPoint plugin that can help you identify and correct multiple flaws in your slideshow presentations in just a few clicks of your mouse

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There are cases where a well put together presentation can make your pitch much more successful. For it to be so, you need to make sure that there are no formatting errors or inconsistencies, among other things.

Veodin SlideProof is a robust little tool that was designed to help you proof PowerPoint presentations so you won’t have to worry about someone spotting mistakes while they are being run.

Straightforward and intuitive

Similar to most Office add-ins, Veodin SlideProof is easy to install and use. Once it makes its way into PowerPoint, it creates a new tab in the ribbon from where you can quickly access it and its features.

There’s nothing complicated at all when it comes to using it. You get a top toolbar from where you can choose to analyze the current slide or the entire presentation and a side pane that provides a details about identified issues and a quick fix button.

As far as configuration goes, things are kept to simple, as you can choose how to sort warnings and their level. Additionally, you can opt to view warning details and select a different ribbon location for the plugin.

Perform proofing with one click

A neat thing about Veodin SlideProof is that once it finds any inconsistencies, it allows you to fix them with one click. Found issues are presented in categorized lists and you can choose to fix everything from a specific category or go through them and pic individual problems to eliminate.

Changes that occur once you click the ‘Fix’ button are immediately shown in the presentation and if it turns out that it was better when the mistake was present, Veodin SlideProof provides an ‘Undo’ button.

Practical and handy

To sum things up, Veodin SlideProof is light on your system’s resources, it’s quick and easy to work with and most of all, it really offers a helping hand when it comes to proofing PowerPoint presentations.

Veodin SlideProof was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on May 26th, 2015
Veodin SlideProof - Veodin SlideProof can be found as a dedicated tab in the ribbon of Microsoft PowerPointVeodin SlideProof - The Agenda menu enables you to add a new section, sort the current view or update the agendaVeodin SlideProof - From the Check menu, you can choose which aspect to verify and correct in your presentationVeodin SlideProof - screenshot #4Veodin SlideProof - screenshot #5Veodin SlideProof - screenshot #6Veodin SlideProof - screenshot #7Veodin SlideProof - screenshot #8Veodin SlideProof - screenshot #9