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A reliable and flexible application that helps you seamlessly create PDF or PPT presentations from various slides from other PowerPoint files

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In order to create a slideshow presentation, most people just search for an older presentation and modify it, to save themselves from the hassle of imagining a new slide template or creating a new design.

Searching for the ideal PowerPoint file can be a nuisance, if you cannot remember where you saved it on your computer or you have many presentations cluttered in a folder.

Slideboxx provides you with the tools needed to search and reuse old slides from Powerpoint files and create new PDF or PPT presentations.

You need to have an Internet browser installed in order to be able to run this application properly. Although Microsoft PowerPoint is not required, it is highly advised to install it too.

Fast and easy to use search filter

Slideboxx allows you to easily search for a PowerPoint presentation just by entering a keyword, as the application will display any relevant files found. In order to increase precision, you can adjust the clutter slider and find more or less similar searches.

You can also search for slides by entering the author, slide notes, tags, comments or date created, thus allowing you to perform wide searches in case you vaguely remember a file, or precise searches for when you know a lot about the file you need.

Intuitive file creation

Slideboxx helps you create new slideshows from old ones, by reusing their slides. You just need to drag and drop the desired slide into the file creation panel and then select the preferred output, which can be either PPT or PDF.

Furthermore, you can save files as virtual presentations, and access on another computer, or export them later to a format, thus increasing file portability.

An overall good presentation creator

Slideboxx is an application designed to help you create new presentations from old ones within minutes, giving older slides a new chance to reappear on screens.

Slideboxx was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on March 5th, 2014
Slideboxx - The application allows you to search through PowerPoint files and extract certain slides to create PDF and PPT presentations.Slideboxx - By accessing the Advanced Search window, you can enter search terms, such as author, comments, tags or slide notes.Slideboxx - The Virtual Presentations tab displays all the created slideshows, but not exported to PDF or PPT.Slideboxx