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A simple, lightweight, Text-To-Speech application with various customization options and a comprehensive user-friendly interface

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Speakonia is a text-to-speech software application that uses the Microsoft Speech Technology and provides several other features to enhance the whole process.

Once installed, you shall discover a rather clean and well-organized interface, with the main window exclusively used for inputting the text and configuring speech properties.

While you can add as much text as you want, Speakonia gives you the power to pick from multiple voices and configure them by adjusting pitch, speed and volume. Besides the obvious “Apply” button, Speakonia also features a “Test” feature to give a try to your settings before saving them.

Another good feature of the app is the clipboard reading which automatically reads the content you place in the clipboard without prior configuration. Plus, it can tell the current time and date and read a website entirely.

There's not much to configure, as the settings menu is pretty simple, but it's important to note that you can also save the text and the audio content as WAV files.

A comprehensive help manual is also available, making sure you can take advantage of every single feature without too much effort.

Obviously, you don't need a supercomputer to run Speakonia, as it works on very low resources and doesn't affect system performance at all.

All in all, Speakonia is the kind of application that could serve a handful of users, running on every Windows workstation out there and providing a decent amount of resources to enhance the whole process.

Speakonia was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 30th, 2012
Speakonia - After pasting any text in the main window, the application can start reading it back to youSpeakonia - You can choose from a list of voices that can read your text and configure voice options, such as volumeSpeakonia - You can save the current content as a TXT or WAV file and you can use the application to read webpagesSpeakonia - Speakonia provides you with basic voice playback functions, including Play, Pause and StopSpeakonia - The application can tell you the current date and time and read clipboard contentsSpeakonia - screenshot #6Speakonia - screenshot #7

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