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A lightweight and reliable piece of software designed to prevent you from making spelling and typing mistakes while you type text messages using any Windows application

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Spell Catcher Plus is a simple-to-use software utility which helps you detect spelling mistakes or typos while you are typing letters, emails or any other document using various Windows applications.

Access options from Systray

Once the installation process is completed, you can run Spell Catcher Plus from the system tray or from the notification area, in case you are using the latest versions of the Windows operating system. This is an interesting feature since it allows you to save valuable screen space and you can work with other programs while the application waits in the background.

To access the tool's features, all you need to do is right-click the yellow checkmark icon from the taskbar. From there, you are able to adjust general settings and make the necessary modifications required by certain Windows applications that you work with.

Also, you may activate the interactive checking feature, which enables Spell Catcher Plus to permanently watch what you are typing, looking for any type of mistake that you make. If you do not want to be constantly monitored by the application, you can disable the aforementioned feature and perform the spell check manually.

Correct typos instantly

Spell Catcher Plus is quick to detect various orthography errors, including spelling mistakes, capitalization, punctuation and double word errors. Plus, it can smarten quotes, prevent double spaces, convert fractions, fix double capitals and convert double dashes to em-dash.

As soon as an error is detected, you can turn on notification alarms, which consist of an audio alarm or a pop-up dialog window that suggests possible corrections. At this point, you can either disable these notifications and continue typing and perform a complete text check later, or you can stop and correct the current error by opening the 'Suggest Spelling' window.

Find the right word exactly when you need it

A very useful option included in the application allows you to create a list of shorthand expansions to phrases you are frequently using when typing text messages. Thus, you can create telephone number, date and time expansions, and customize them in any way you want.

Furthermore, you can look up any word in the dictionary using the 'Lookup Selection' from the tool's menu, as well as replace any word with a more suitable one.

Powerful spell checking software utility

Overall, Spell Catcher Plus is a complete software application packed with numerous features that improve your vocabulary and writing skills, while correcting all the spelling mistakes found. Plus, you don't need to have extensive computer knowledge in order to use this application, since working with it is very intuitive.

Spell Catcher Plus was reviewed by Alexandra Savin
Last updated on August 31st, 2014
Spell Catcher Plus - You can access Spell Catcher Plus from the system tray located in the Windows taskbarSpell Catcher Plus - Spell Catcher Plus enables you to use existing reference files or you can add your own words and shorthandsSpell Catcher Plus - You can set the application to fix capitals, smarten quotes, prevent double spaces or convert fractions while you typeSpell Catcher Plus - screenshot #4Spell Catcher Plus - screenshot #5Spell Catcher Plus - screenshot #6Spell Catcher Plus - screenshot #7Spell Catcher Plus - screenshot #8Spell Catcher Plus - screenshot #9Spell Catcher Plus - screenshot #10Spell Catcher Plus - screenshot #11