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An information organizer designed to create multiple notebooks in order to add text notes, handwriting, images or shapes and upload them to the cloud storage

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SuperNote Pro is a practical tool for creating text notes and synchronizing them on multiple computers. The program is designed to take advantage of the Asus Webstorage service in order to store the notes in the cloud.

The interface is easy to use and allows you to create multiple notebooks which include all your notes related with a certain topic. You can organize notes on multiple pages, change their order and duplicate a certain note using the context menu.

To create a note you have the option to enter text from the keyboard or use freehand tools such as pens and markers. The information can be enhanced by adding images, shapes and time stamps which enable you to sort pages chronologically.

If you need to share a certain page or notebook you have the possibility to print a page, export it as a PDF or JPG file and send it via email. Unlike other applications, this tool allows you to send messages without using an external email client.

The main advantage of the program is the ability to upload your notes to the Asus Webstorage account in order to access them on any PC. However, you can still create local notebooks that are only saved on the hard drive.

Since the program does not include any documentation, you need to test each feature in order to view what you can do with it. However, the interface is intuitive and allows you to edit, sync and share your notes with minimum effort.

Overall, SuperNote Pro is an efficient note organizer that requires insignificant resources and can boost your productivity when you need to share certain notes with colleagues or friends.

SuperNote Pro was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on January 8th, 2014
SuperNote Pro - The main window of the SuperNote Pro application allows you to create notebooks and store your notes.SuperNote Pro - You can use lines, shapes or free hand drawing in order to improve your notes.SuperNote Pro - The program is able to create local notebooks or synchronize the notes with the Asus Webstorage account.SuperNote Pro - screenshot #4SuperNote Pro - screenshot #5SuperNote Pro - screenshot #6SuperNote Pro - screenshot #7