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With this easy to handle application, you can swiftly export all your contacts from Excel files into vCards, saving you valuable time

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SyscoWare Excel To vCard Converter is an intuitive and fairly simple to understand piece of software aimed to provide you with the proper means of exporting and importing contacts into your various applications or mobile devices, thus saving you time in the process by sparing you from having to perform the operation manually.

Approachable appearance

Subsequent to the quick installation process, with no mentionable events, you can launch the utility and begin working with it immediately, as it does not need to have Microsoft Office on your system in order to function.

The basic yet practical interface makes SyscoWare Excel To vCard Converter fairly easy to handle, and prior experience with such tools is not a necessity since it functions much like a regular converter.

Load the XLS and obtain your VCFs in just a few button presses

For starters, you will need to load the Excel file that contains all your contact’s information, including name, phone number, website, email or home address, and any other relevant details. The program supports both XLS and XLSX format, meaning that you do not need to worry about it in any way.

After browsing through your computer and loading the Excel document into SyscoWare Excel To vCard Converter, you will be able to preview its contents and choose the columns corresponding to the type of data you are working with, then press ‘Save and Close’, which will return you to the main window of the application.

You can opt for a destination folder, and depending on the document you are using, you can create ‘Separate vCard Files’ or ‘Single vCard File’. Finally, you can click on ‘Convert’ and within moments, your VCFs are exported to the previously set location, allowing you to further work with them however you may need.

Handy XLS to VCF conversion instrument

To sum it up, SyscoWare Excel To vCard Converter is a lightweight and efficient program that can successfully assist you in obtaining vCard files from the XLS documents you store your contacts in.

SyscoWare Excel To vCard Converter was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 1st, 2014
SyscoWare Excel To vCard Converter - The main window of SyscoWare Excel To vCard Converter allows you to choose the source file and target locationSyscoWare Excel To vCard Converter - The Select Excel File window enables you to browse for your XLS and preview its contents in the dedicated panel