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Created personalized image layouts, correct, crop and edit photos, then print them easily, with this intuitive piece of software

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Nowadays, with the advent and increasing popularity of digital imaging devices, taking photos has never been easier. However, printing them is another matter. It can be very difficult to find an application that allows you to create customized picture layouts, without over-complicating the process.

Easyboost Photo Print is an intuitive tool, designed to offer you a straightforward method of printing photos. You can use one of the many included layouts or manually arrange images.

Easily explore local storage devices and add photos

The application features a built-in file explorer, allowing you to quickly find the images you are looking for. Once you access a specific folder, the program displays thumbnails of all the supported image files within it. You can modify thumbnail size, which is particularly useful if you need to view a large number of images.

Then, you can simply use drag and drop actions to add photos to your project.

Offers numerous templates and allows you to customize printing layout

After selecting the desired paper size, you can choose from one of the many included layout templates. These contain various boxes, representing standard photo printing sizes. You can also add new templates, either by inserting photo cells of preset sizes or drawing them manually.

Additionally, Easyboost Photo Print allows you to freely arrange and resize your photos.

Add frames, adjust and trim images

It is possible to add various types of frames to every image in your project. However, only a limited number of styles are available.

Also, you can adjust color temperature, brightness, intensity, contrast and many other parameters.

Furthermore, the application allows you to crop your images and can automatically trim them so that they fit a specific photo cell.

All in all, Easyboost Photo Print is a useful tool that can help you print your photos using customizable layouts. It is easy-to-use and offers a set of basic image editing tools, but does feature a slightly outdated interface.

Easyboost Photo Print was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
Last updated on July 22nd, 2015
Easyboost Photo Print - Easyboost Photo Print allows users to load multiple images, set display templates and print the resulting layoutsEasyboost Photo Print - The software features a built-in Freehand Mode Select function that supports template customizationEasyboost Photo Print - Users can modify the name of their pictures and rotate them, all within the softwareEasyboost Photo Print - The application allows users to add text strings to the pictures and define their location or display featuresEasyboost Photo Print - Easyboost Photo Print comes with a built-in Trim function, with several modes available to usersEasyboost Photo Print - screenshot #6Easyboost Photo Print - screenshot #7Easyboost Photo Print - screenshot #8Easyboost Photo Print - screenshot #9Easyboost Photo Print - screenshot #10

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