TXL Wizard

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A simple utility that allows you to extract the text from plain text files and convert it into Excel spreadsheets in order to use them in tabular format






Text To Excel Wizard (aka 'TXL Wizard') will transform the contents of your text documents to a comma delimited text file (CSV file) that can easily be opened by Excel and other programs. If you are converting simple text to Excel or text to CSV, you will not need 'Convert Doc'.

On the other hand, if you are converting from PDF to Excel, Word To Excel, or any other file format, combining 'Convert Doc' with the Text to Excel Wizard will give you a fine solution.

The advantage of exporting the data directly to an XLS file is to preserve all previously saved formatting information. The advantage of translating to CSV before opening it in Excel is higher execution speed (as may be desired for very large files). Other programs such as databases can also import the CSV data format.
Last updated on October 28th, 2013
TXL Wizard - From the main window of TXL Wizard, users can easily choose the input and output folders.TXL Wizard - By accessing the Recipe Editor window of TXL Wizard, one can add a new table manually or by using the designated button.TXL Wizard - screenshot #3TXL Wizard - screenshot #4TXL Wizard - screenshot #5TXL Wizard - In the Add Table window of TXL Wizard, you can rapidly enter the text near the top and the bottom of the table.

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